Sunday, March 15, 2009

What NOT To Do

Here are two photos of the inside of my pit greenhouse with tools removed and insulation mostly completed. Now is the time to plan for the planting beds and lighting system. What NOT to do is to build the top before finishing the floor, as you will see.

March12 006

March12 003

The problem I ran into was this. The floor was dusty, dry dirt. I decided I wanted a gravel floor for drainage and for my air duct venting system. I could have just thrown gravel down on top of what I had, however, greenhouse space is very precious. I also didn't want to block the door from opening with a layer of gravel. So here I am with my buddy Hank, lowering the floor in preparation of putting in gravel.

I told Hank that we were having a work party and I couldn't convince him that the dust mask was not a hat!
March12 012

March12 017

March12 020

This was a lot of unnecessary work. I should have planned my underground venting system and gravel installation before I built the top. It was dusty, hard, slow work. I really appreciated Hank's help.

What NOT to do: Don't borrow an old dump truck.
March7 001

March7 010

Don't get me wrong. You should try to save costs wherever you can. I called the gravel pit and just about fainted when they quoted me 300 dollars to deliver gravel to my house. I of course, looking for all short cuts found out that anyone in our county can borrow the old "Soil and Water Conservation" dump truck. It was a long drive to the gravel pit (45 miles one way). After you add gas and the stress from wondering if we would make it there and back, not counting hoping that we wouldn't get a ticket for a number of mechanical inadequacies etc., it would have been cheaper, safer and easier to go ahead and have the company deliver. My problem was that I only wanted 3 and a half yards of gravel, but their minimum was ten yards. In hindsight I see where I could have used the extra gravel in my driveway. All's well that ends well. We made it home safely.

March12 011

This next photo shows us down to grade (ready for the gravel).
March12 021

From left to right: Hank, the wizard/inventor, Me the laborer, and Dad the supervisor.
March12 023


  1. Guess I should have had a horn to blow, too. That was a big job but well worth the effort in the long run. Gravel should drain spilled water and not get muddy like the dirt would.

  2. Daniel,
    Beautiful grenhouse, still hope to see it in person.
    Robert/Auto Parts Mart

  3. Robert, you are always welcome here. Thanks for giving me such a deal on that 12 volt sump pump which I will be using with a windmill and a deep cycle battery. You guys have the best auto parts prices in southern, central Oregon. Thanks for helping the working class people. Hope your solar cookers are selling well.

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