Friday, April 17, 2009

Setting Up the System and Wind Power

I'm setting up the hydroponics system. The six inch pipes are suspended from the ceiling in a cascading manner. Note the tie downs wrap around the pipe. Shortly I will be drilling a hole in the pipes at each end and connecting the hooks to the eye bolts. Right now I'm just getting height adjusted so that plants will not shade each other. This is easily adjusted during the growing process with the strap system that we are using. Each pipe will have its own drain and fill line so that there is more flexiblity in the vertical spacing. I will show more detail as we progress.
April12 019

My son, Simeon is adjusting the straps here.
April12 018

The white end caps are sealed with silicone around the edge for easy removal so I can clean the pipes as needed. We're hoping for lots of happy roots. Remember, we are going organic in our nutrients.
April12 020

We decided to install a wind generator. The motor is made from a garbage disposal unit. Hank is really into alternate energy sources. Remember, we are trying to make this a sustainable system. We will be putting solar panels on the roof in the future. All the little pumps and airstones require electricity. We would like this greenhouse to be off the grid. My Dad and Hank are tying down the guy lines attached to the wind genny.
April17 032

We are attaching clamps to hold the shaft to the building.
April17 017

April17 015

Here is the unit installed. Note the hydroponic system that you can see through the window. I am installing a drip system and resevoirs presently and will show you the water pumps, air pumps, airstones, aquarium heaters and the ppm and ph meters in the next post.
April17 033

Friday, April 10, 2009

Putting Hydroponics Together

I bought six inch PVC pipe for our hydroponic system. Ten foot lengths. Six each. I planned to hang them from the ceiling, against the north wall. We'll see how it goes together. Notice that I am taking the insulation off because I have to put hangers in.
April5 009

Here are the 3/8 inch eyebolts. Hope they hold the system up.
April10 026

Here they are installed. I alternated sides so that it would be an even pull on the rafter.
April10 029

This is what it looks like with the straps installed. These will be holding up the six inch diameter pipe in a coliseum setting.
April10 034

Simeon and his son Nathan are drilling the holes every twelve inches along the pipe. We snapped a center line and did pilot holes first.
April10 005

April10 003

You can see the 3 inch baskets in place.
April10 010

This is what it looks like on the inside.
April10 013

This is what the end cap looks like on the pipe. We still need to drill holes for the water hose that will circulate the organic nutrient solution.
April10 015

I am painting the whole inside with flat, white latex paint which reflects 98% of the sunlight. Next post will show the completed paint job with hydroponic system in place,...hopefully.
April10 037

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gravel and Hydroponics

Here we are throwing the gravel in. We put about 4 inches of gravel on the floor to keep the dust down and help with drainage.
March12 025

My friend Hank, helped with this part of the project.
March12 032

March12 034

April5 008

We had to go to town to buy pipe for our hydroponic system. I've been scanning the internet, and there are lots of good ideas out there. I've decided to go with 6 inch diameter pvc and do a hanging coliseum. I bought 6o feet of pipe which cost 179 dollars. It's sewer pipe and I am planning to hang it from the ceiling. It is pretty sturdy stuff.
April5 005

The pipe is in ten foot lengths and tomorrow I will be drilling my 3 inch diameter holes every foot along the length for my basket placement. I will be showing pictures as I progress.
April5 014

April5 016

I will be taking some of the silver insulation off the northern wall because I have to drill twelve holes thru the 2 x 8's and place sky hooks for supporting the hydroponic system. I will be showing pictures of each stage. Also, as my hydroponic supplies arrive I will show pictures of what I have ordered. More to come soon... Still planning my organic soil, south wall section.