Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gravel and Hydroponics

Here we are throwing the gravel in. We put about 4 inches of gravel on the floor to keep the dust down and help with drainage.
March12 025

My friend Hank, helped with this part of the project.
March12 032

March12 034

April5 008

We had to go to town to buy pipe for our hydroponic system. I've been scanning the internet, and there are lots of good ideas out there. I've decided to go with 6 inch diameter pvc and do a hanging coliseum. I bought 6o feet of pipe which cost 179 dollars. It's sewer pipe and I am planning to hang it from the ceiling. It is pretty sturdy stuff.
April5 005

The pipe is in ten foot lengths and tomorrow I will be drilling my 3 inch diameter holes every foot along the length for my basket placement. I will be showing pictures as I progress.
April5 014

April5 016

I will be taking some of the silver insulation off the northern wall because I have to drill twelve holes thru the 2 x 8's and place sky hooks for supporting the hydroponic system. I will be showing pictures of each stage. Also, as my hydroponic supplies arrive I will show pictures of what I have ordered. More to come soon... Still planning my organic soil, south wall section.

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