Saturday, February 21, 2009

Greenhouse Taking Shape

This post will show the continuation of the walls going up. It took several weeks because we could only do so many layers and then had to stop and let the mortar cure. The first two photos show the project looking from the east to the west of the building. My doorway is on the east side.

Various 007
Note the string attached to the rebar at the corners. This is the secret to building a straight wall. Line up the string, flush to the corner and place your block right at the string. You can raise the string as the bricks go higher.
July19 023

In this next photo, note the bricks on the foundation. They are eight inches wide and are centered on the foundation. The foundation is 12 inches wide, so there are two inches on either side of the cement bricks.

July19 026

You can see here that we have made progress with the walls and have just poured the footings for the stairwell.

daniel pictures 006

Here is a side view of the stairwell in progress. Notice the upright rebar to lend strength.

daniel pictures 074

Another view of the stairwell with the work further along.

daniel pictures 057

View of the north wall from the outside, before the dirt berm got pushed up against it.

daniel pictures 076

View of stairwell before stairs are poured.

daniel pictures 107

Here is a shot of the forms for the stairs.

daniel pictures 137

In this photo you can see that the cement truck has come back again and is doing a pour for our stairs. We also ordered enough to pour into the walls on all sides to make a truly solid wall. The intention is not just strength, but a solid wall will better hold heat in the winter and insulate against heat in the summer.

daniel pictures 149

It is difficult to see, but we built a sort of funnel to direct the cement into the bricks.

daniel pictures 157

In this last photo, you see the cement truck has left, and the walls are finished. The cement is still wet inside the bricks and it will take some time to cure.

daniel pictures 166


  1. It's really great, seeing the walls go up and the whole thing taking shape! By the way I love your new profile "photo"

  2. That is one solid built basement. Are you sure it is not going to be a bomb shelter? lol I do think the different color bricks make it interesting, too.

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