Monday, February 16, 2009

The Walls Are Started!

So where were we in building this greenhouse? We had just finished the foundation for the walls. It was October (2006) and getting cold so we covered everything with hay for the winter and put buckets over all the upright pieces of rebar so that my dog would not impale himself on them if he jumped into the hole.
The next spring we uncovered the foundation. Then in July we finally had the time to begin building the walls. This first photo shows our foundation with a few bricks ready to be laid. My friend Spence, who was born with cement in his veins and two bricks in each hand, knows cement work. He is on hand to guide and teach me in this venture. I am really grateful for all his time and help.

July 9 029

The first corner is critical in getting your walls going in the right direction. You can see that here in this photo. There is also a close up of the corner in the next photo. Here you also see, the wheelbarrow where we mixed the mortar and the hose close at hand for adjusting moisture in the mortar. Also, note that the upright rebar coming from the foundation lends strength and stability to the walls.
July 9 033

July 9 032

This photo shows Spence on the left and me, Dan, with my Dad in the background supervising. This is where we stopped for the day. Time to let the mortar set up solid before we continue with building upward.
Various 005

Next post will continue the wall building and the stairwell that we built. It was very time intensive but also interesting. It's nice having good, solid steps going into the greenhouse. If you have any questions along the way just post them in comments and I will try to answer them.

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