Friday, April 10, 2009

Putting Hydroponics Together

I bought six inch PVC pipe for our hydroponic system. Ten foot lengths. Six each. I planned to hang them from the ceiling, against the north wall. We'll see how it goes together. Notice that I am taking the insulation off because I have to put hangers in.
April5 009

Here are the 3/8 inch eyebolts. Hope they hold the system up.
April10 026

Here they are installed. I alternated sides so that it would be an even pull on the rafter.
April10 029

This is what it looks like with the straps installed. These will be holding up the six inch diameter pipe in a coliseum setting.
April10 034

Simeon and his son Nathan are drilling the holes every twelve inches along the pipe. We snapped a center line and did pilot holes first.
April10 005

April10 003

You can see the 3 inch baskets in place.
April10 010

This is what it looks like on the inside.
April10 013

This is what the end cap looks like on the pipe. We still need to drill holes for the water hose that will circulate the organic nutrient solution.
April10 015

I am painting the whole inside with flat, white latex paint which reflects 98% of the sunlight. Next post will show the completed paint job with hydroponic system in place,...hopefully.
April10 037


  1. Coming along great, Dan. There will be plenty of growing room in all that pipe! IIRC chard is spaced about 12" apart so should be perfect for greens production.

  2. Daniel I applaud you for all of the effort and work that you're putting into this. Heard of your site through Gail and thought I'd stop by -- can't wait to see some of the chickens!

  3. Thanks Rowena! I'll start the incubator in a couple of months for a 4-H project and we'll have forty little chickens. I'm getting my hydroponics ready for the growing season. I have a lot of flowers to start.

  4. Thanks a lot for the post. I would like to make hydroponics in my backyard.