Saturday, July 18, 2009

July Greenhouse Update

I've been busy building a couple of small geodesic domes for future cold frames. I just brought a new 200 amp electric service box onto my property for the new greenhouse and future expansions.
June14 015

July17 029

Here are some photos of what is happening with my hydroponics. Things are growing fast. I have everything off fertilizer and I'm just flushing water through the system. I got too excited at first and planted everything at once and now it is all getting ahead of me as far as use. I am going to harvest everything and start some successional planting so that the growth will be staggered. The red sails lettuce was awesome.
July17 036

July17 031

July17 019

Here's what's happening in the grow box.
July17 027

The old, traditional greenhouse looks like a jungle right now.
July17 015

A friend loaned me a few earthboxes to try out. Here is a picture of some tomatoes growing in the earthbox. We've been harvesting since the fourth of July. That was my goal.
July17 005


  1. Mmm those tomatoes are looking might fine!!!

    :) Go pick some of your basil and grab some mozarella and have yourself an awesome salad!

  2. Any way you can elaborate on the geodesic dome
    coldframes? Are they kits? What are they made of? Of particular interest is the joints. By the way, are you going to use
    plastic to cover them? Thanks


  3. The joints of the dome are pieces of PVC pipe connected to the wood with hanger bolts and wing nuts. I used the wing nuts so the dome would be easy to take apart for moving. They were purchased from gardendome and are predrilled to get the correct angle for the triangles.

    Go to to learn more.

    This particular dome is made with 2X2 lumber and yes, it will be covered with plastic.

    I will be glad to answer any additional questions you have if I can. I really love building small domes!

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    PHOENIX in travian
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    it's like the Project GAÏA

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  6. That below level greenhouse you have is exactly what I'm working up to build. Congrats and I'll be using your blog/pictures as a reference. Thanks!